Texas State Approved Defensive Driving Course



Trying to get your ticket dismissed?  Would you rather… 

  • Schedule some time to drag yourself through Dallas traffic to sit through hours of boring lecture or…
  • Complete a fun and easy to use AP from your phone on your schedule?

We think so too. Funnybone is your number one option for defensive driving in Dallas and we want to help you make the obvious choice.

Why do you need to complete a Dallas defensive driving course?

Well, let’s break down your options. When you get slapped with that ticket, all potty jokes aside, you can do one of three things with it.  Go ahead and schedule that court date and keep your fingers crossed that you can get it dropped. You could pay the fine which, in addition to taking money from your pocket, also puts a big ol mark on your record. Or you could do the smart thing and enroll in an online defensive driving program, have your ticket dropped and enjoy a nice tasty reduction in your insurance rate.  Tough decision?

Work at your own pace!

We get it, you’re busy!  You have your own schedule to keep and it probably doesn’t allow for lecture time. However, maybe you have a longer lunch break on Wednesday’s? Maybe you need something to do while you wait for your kid to get out of ballet class? Funnybone’s mobile format lets you take advantage of those moments! It takes only 6 hours over a 90 day period to complete.

Our online program is actually fun!

That may seem hard to believe, but the folks at funnybone didn’t see a reason why taking defensive driving should be equated with pulling teeth. Our content is entertaining and interactive. You will be through before you know it.

Choose your weapon. Desktop, laptop, mobile device.

Funnybone decided that if we were going to be all about convenience, we needed to offer you the ability to use all your devices interchangeably to complete our program. This means you can take a break with it at work, curl up with your tablet on the couch at home, or even plug away at it using your phone while you wait for your kid to get out of tap dance.

Defensive driving in Dallas has never been speedier

Don’t even bother standing in line at the DPS to request your driving history. We’ll order a report for you.  We offer overnight delivery on all certificates of course completion and our outstanding customer service is ready to assist you seven days a week.

Our bottom line here is fun and convenience. Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of defensive driving. Enroll with Funnybone today and do it on your own terms, and on your own time!