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Mesquite Defensive Driving Class

Speed Through Defensive Driving Mesquite with Funny Bone!

So you got a ticket in Mesquite. That’s probably not the rodeo you were hoping for in the rodeo capital of the world. You want to get this ticket off your record quickly, but you don’t want to completely rearrange your schedule to accommodate hours of boring defensive driving classes every week. Who wants to go back to school, anyway? Thankfully, your friends at Funny Bone have done the impossible and found a way to make defensive driving fast, convenient, and enjoyable in our online Mesquite defensive drivingclass. Sound impossible? Yeah, we don’t believe it either. But read on to learn more!

Why Enroll in a Mesquite Defensive Driving Course?

Got a traffic ticket on your permanent Texas driving record? That’s a pretty big deal. A ticket can increase the price of your insurance payments, hinder future background checks for job applications, and hurt your finances overall. If you want to save yourself some headaches down the line, you want to get your ticket off your record and fast.


Ever so generously, the state gives you three options to clear your driving record.


  1. Argue it in court.Even if you manage to argue your case successfully, you’ll probably end up paying the same amount you would have if you’d simply paid the fine.
  2. Pay the fine.Paying your ticket might help line the pockets of the state, but you have your wallet to consider. That’s not to mention that it won’t even take your ticket off your record.
  3. Take a state-approved online defensive driving Mesquite course with Funny Bone.Complete our online defensive driving class to get your ticket off your record, reduce your insurance rate for the next three years, and have some laughs along the way.

We don’t know about you, but the choice seems pretty clear here. Save yourself your time, money, and sanity by choosing Funny Bone.

Complete Our Defensive Driving Mesquite Program on Your Schedule!

Convenience is what we’re all about at Funny Bone. Nobody signs up for a defensive driving course because they’re curious about the subject, so that’s why we make our class completely painless by offering it entirely online. Our course contains 6 hours of funny and informative learning material that you can take at your own pace up to 90 days. Better yet, you won’t have to suffer through dry textbooks or tedious written assignments, since our class is 100% video-based. Whether you prefer to learn on your phone, tablet, or computer, we’ve got you covered–you can start on one platform and seamlessly carry on with another. Doesn’t get more flexible than that, does it?

We Make Mesquite Defensive Driving Enjoyable (we promise)

There are probably a thousand things you’d rather be doing than learning about defensive driving. That’s why at Funny Bone, we have fun while teaching you about defensive driving. Our video lessons are snappy, informative, and entertaining. The class is easy to navigate on our online platform, and true to our name, we want to tickle your funny bone while you study to get your ticket off your record.

Why Choose Funny Bone?

Funny Bone offers the most affordable and most enjoyable defensive driving class in the state, so if you want to satisfy your Mesquite defensive driving requirements to clear your ticket off your record, we’re the easy choice. Once you finish our class, we’ll send you a certificate of completion to display at your next appearance in any state traffic court to get your record cleared.

Get Started with Funny Bone Today!

Wipe that ticket off your record for good. Funny Bone is the course for defensive driving Mesquite, TXresidents can trust to get back on the road and have a good time along the way. In just a few clicks, you can be well on your way to clearing your driving record. Sign up today!