Texas State Approved Defensive Driving Course


San Antonio Defensive Driving Class

Have you ever actually completed a defensive driving program? Was it a positive experience? Chances are, it was not.  Attending a conventional defensive driving course is tedious and requires a lot of time to be carved out of your busy schedule. Why not use a smartphone compatible AP that will allow you to breeze through interesting content at your own convenience and still end up with the same certificate? Welcome to defensive driving with Funnybone!

Why do you need to enroll in a San Antonio defensive driving course at all?

Life is all about choices. In our fair city, when you get a traffic ticket, you have three:

  • Go to court! Everyone likes using a sick day to stand in front of a judge, right? Maybe it will even go your way!
  • Pay the fine! Don’t worry, it’s just your hard earned money. Unfortunately, it will also remain on your driving record.
  • Complete an easy online program that will result in your ticket being dismissed and you receiving a nice drop in your monthly insurance cost. Sorry, this one speaks for itself.

Work when you want to work!

Ah, the joy of autonomy. The day of the average American isn’t exactly teeming with free time to be dropped on lecture hours across town two nights a week. Especially when there’s a mobile option that lets them use the little moments they find throughout the day to complete their defensive driving program.  Completing defensive driving with Funnybone will require 6 hours of your time on your schedule. Even if you get busy, you still have 90 days to complete the course!

Believe it or not, you will enjoy this

Don’t drag yourself through content that makes your brain numb. At funnybone, we don’t see a reason why defensive driving should be a miserable experience. Our program is entertaining, engaging, and will absolutely fly by.

Complete your work on any device!

Funnybone’s content can be accessed from your home computer, your work laptop, or even your smartphone. You can use all three options interchangeably without fear of losing your work. It really couldn’t be any more convenient.

Defensive driving in San Antonio has never been speedier

At Funnybone, we figure that if convenience is supposed to be the name of our game, you shouldn’t have to wait. Overnight delivery is available for your certificate of completion. Should any problems arise, our customer service team is waiting to assist you seven days a week. Don’t even bother waiting down at the DPS for a report of your driving history. We’ll request one for you.

Funnybone takes the monotony and time consumption out of defensive driving by expediting wherever possible and making the process enjoyable for you. Sign up with Funnybone San Antonio today and enjoy the benefits of defensive driving without the hassle!