Texas State Approved Defensive Driving Course


Driving Record

Acquiring Your Texas Driving Records

Need to order a copy of your driving record?

After you have obtained permission from the court to take a Texas Defensive Driving Class, you have 90 days to complete the course. In addition to the state approved defensive driving course completion, you may also be required to obtain a copy of your Public Texas Driving Record. You would then turn that record in with your completion certificate from Funny Bone Comedy Defensive Driving School.

You can either:

A: Order your driving record online. This is now available right from our website!

(You need a credit card or debit card to do it this way.)

or B: Order your driving record by U.S. Mail from the Texas Department of Public Safety

Want to go old school?

Order your driving record by “snail” mail at this address:

Texas Department of Public Safety

Driver Records Bureau

P.O. Box 149246

Austin, Texas 78714-9246

Most Texas courts require Driving Record Number 3A, but check with your precinct.

Why do I need to do this anyway?

State law says you can only take a defensive driving course once per year to dismiss a ticket. Your driving record will serve as proof of your history.